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The first thing I remember loving was my cat- My first best friend. And my baby brother, And dinosaurs. - I loved my stuffed animals, And worms on the sidewalk. I loved the people in movies,
Dear Creation,   I am at a crossroads with myself a sinner with high standards believing that someday I’ll find happiness with someone
It all began when Sam was small,  His mom was left dead by the worst demon of all. Sam was in college when his dad disappeared, His brother, Dean showed up without a single tear.
Ferrari's are red, Suby's are blue,
I'm reminiscent on my memories day dreaming on the usualA cycle in my mind, what goes around come around I figureAtypical to the eb and flow of society Drunk off emotions stumbling towards sobrietyNevertheless
Meet me at the crossroads when the moon is good and high bring me some of that moonshine we gon' make a deal tonight   Devil's in the details watch that dust kick up and swirl such a shame
At a crossroads we stand, Our heels in the sand, A decision weighs heavily, On our soon-reborn band.  
Ditch the ground rules, A bounty of no regrets; Desires fulfilled against the ethics, Weaving the art of manipulation. Mind games to consider realism As a slash to the crossroads.
  corners combined, edges bleeding together,   like a puzzle pieces fit together;   Jigsawed sides Slash lines In each other’s  Faces.   A buyer,
  No Pity for a Pedestrian   By Irvin Eden Ortega   I’m looking I’m looking I’m looking
At the crossroads darkness fell Benighted from the shades arose terror. Water bled obsydian, black From shadows opened the mouth of hell.   Despair, hatred, grief and their reek,
I'm standing at a crossroads, not sure which route to take. Should i take the right road, of which so few chose. Or should i take the other, and live a life I cannot make.
*Down a dusty road he walked, his feet were always bare. No one passing with him talked, not a soul did care. None could fathom what he sought, or even wonder why.
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