I'm reminiscent on my memories day dreaming on the usual
A cycle in my mind, what goes around come around I figure
Atypical to the eb and flow of society 
Drunk off emotions stumbling towards sobriety
Stay humble and show respect
Each breath of air I take is as good as it gets but it's closer to my last
Atleast I'm still alive today because tomorrow's never promised
One day we all go whether you like it or not and I'm just simply being honest
When i say that it's okay to feel fear and shy away
But realize that you only get one life to live and make a change
I'm 19 years of age but I've had so much to deal with
I'm aware I'm not the only one with problems
I'm no different than most
I carry baggage around
I got a chip on my shoulder
And it weighs me down see
I used to believe when they'd say that the sky was the limit
A blinded ignorant kid who never paid any attention
I gave myself the luxury of disregarding the advice i was given
Now I'm struggling to change my vision of life
Because change begins with me
And it begins with you
We need to set ourselves free 
And start living in our truths
Inspiration is overrated
I'm looking for motivation
I'm thirsty, I'm on the prowl and im eager to make a statement
I'm tired of all the lies, secrets and having noone believe me
This generation has been desensitized 
But time waits for no one and it breaks apart every gimmick
It reveals your true intentions and paints the reality of your image
Time knows who's being real and who is simply pretending
Am I just another lost soul with broken dreams?
So it seems
I'm on the pathway to hell cuz it's paved with good intentions
I'm shooting for the stars regardless of it all, i promise you I'll make it
No deceptions
Remember where i came from to plot my future destination
I'm trying to save myself and make changes in the process
I hope im good enough to make a difference in this nonsense
If i touch your heart and make any positive impacts upon any living soul
I'll truly rest in peace when I'm laying in my casket
Please Lord have mercy on my soul
I'm a sinner, yes i know
But give me time and let me grow. Amen




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