Cell phone

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Your cousin thought I was crazy and she dumped me. Frankly, I don't care what she thinks about me. If Renae were as crazy about me as I want her to be, She’d gladly take me back and have her first child for me. .
Any news from Kashmir? They say now women are freeChildren will play and go to schoolFreedom has been delivered Any news from Kashmir ? Yes, no news is good news Isn’t it , they say
She was tired of studying all day, tired of being alone, She wanted to go outside and socialize, She wanted to get out of her home   She joined a sorority to meet new people,
My Head pops up there's a loud BRRRING no need to panic My Alarm is doing his thing   i stretch my Arms and i stretch them wide yet, here i sit with tired Eyes.  
I crave it everyday I do not "want" I need The feel, the touch, the way it makes me feel It brings me calmness and a sense of security I am lost without it; it defines me as a person
Reception that is What I’m stranded here with out But I bring my cell   I can’t stay a day with out I yearn to its touch, its feel, its blinking lights and sensors that grasp my attention every two minutes
It was washed in the waves at Keikis Beach. I used it to record lectures while my teachers teach. It got filled with dye while I was dancing at the color run.
I scream 4 ur attention, jumping up and down. I try 2 alert you; Texts, Facebook notifications, voicemails and calls. Sobbing sister, angry teachers and worried parents, But always remember, don't kill the messenger,
Quick! Turn around! Catch this kid, Phone lit right up, fingers dancing across the screen.   Come on! Look! He's playing Candy Crush, But your back is turned.
Fingers twitching in agitation Forced withdrawal in frustration doomed to social isolation And perpetual aggravation Decimated, destroyed reputations Shortened, slighted salutations
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