Reception that is

What I’m stranded here with out

But I bring my cell


I can’t stay a day with out

I yearn to its touch, its feel, its blinking lights and sensors that grasp my attention every two minutes

One, two, three seconds without reaching for my phone

That’s all it takes

Am I dependent on this metal device?

Is this what I choose to bring when my future is not bright?

On an island I stand

No food, no shelter

But I bring what I cherish most

Because that is what I know

That is what I carry all hours of the day


Initial Pleasure

That’s why I bring this device

Not Reasonable


Life is not about reason

It’s about choice

Addiction, trends, fear of missing out


Fear of Missing Out

FOMO it is know as well

No bars, do I care?


I bring it because it has become a part of me

I cannot live without it

Service or not, I am an addict

I cannot live without it

Circumstances relying

I still choose you


Please send me a sign

One text to relieve my pain

No Response. Cold


The Battery wears off just as my body does.

I can no longer play games.

I can no longer feel your warm touch


The Battery Dies

I can feel my bodies’ cold

But I have my phone


The one device I thought I could not live without

Was the one thing killing me now

I chose you

Because I have always relied on you

Now in my time of need you are useless

How was I supposed to know?


10 percent

8, 3, now 1

my phone dies at zero

and along goes my soul

I was a slave to you

Now I’m obsolete

Now I am forever stranded

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