The Struggles of a Phone


I scream 4 ur attention, jumping up and down.
I try 2 alert you;
Texts, Facebook notifications, voicemails and calls.
Sobbing sister, angry teachers and worried parents,
But always remember, don't kill the messenger,
When ur bf calls and breaks ur heart!

Plz be careful w/ me in class,
The cold, locked up drawer fills me w/ fear,
For it is a graveyard, filled w/ forgotten family.
So always remember 2 warn me when u r in class!
That way I don't learn the hard way
When Im crying out 4rm ur pocket.

And may I mention 1 last thing.
I beg of u 2 find an appropriate place 2 put me.
I prefer the front pocket, not the bra pocket.
Bras r meant 2 hold something else, and that thing in not me.
Back pockets r not acceptable either.
I know 4rm experience that u will 4get I am ther.
When u go 2 do ur business,
I plunge straight 2 the bowl of death.


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