Modern Cinderella

Sun, 08/20/2017 - 02:39 -- tomiyee

She was tired of studying all day,

tired of being alone,

She wanted to go outside and socialize,

She wanted to get out of her home


She joined a sorority to meet new people,

make some new friends, and join a new crowd.

But little Cinderella didn't choose very carefully

Her sisters were rude, mean, and incredibly loud


She and her sorority received an invitation to "The Ball,"

from "The Prince," known around as the life of the party, himself.

She was bouncing off of the walls with joy,

Never before had she been invited to a party, not one hosted by the Prince


She went out to buy the most gorgeous gown in the market,

The most wonderful slippers, and the most breathtaking make-up her budget would allow

She spent several hours preparing, putting on make-up and making sure she looks absolutely perfect

All this with plenty of guidance and "advice" from her sisters


Just before the ball, Cinderella brought her cell phone

"Just in case," She whispered to herself.

At the Ball, her sorority sisters mingled and intertwined

Dissolving into the sea of party goes like salt in water

But Cinderella felt little to no reason to join,

No one seemed to show her much interest at all


Out came her phone, her security blanket, protecting her from an unfamiliar situation.

She stayed near the refreshments table, countless partiers going past.

Even the Prince himself was there, alone and without a partner to talk to

But Cinderella didn't notice. Her eyes were simply glued to her screen, afraid to look up

The Prince inched closer, hoping to catch her attention but to no avail

The night went on, and Cinderella spoke not a word to any soul.


As the Ball came to a close, Cinderella and her sisters left.

Her sisters went on and on about the great guys and possible dates with these respectful gents.

But when it came to Cinderella, she had nothing to say,

She had missed her opportunity to speak with the Prince and win his heart.



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