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Do you remover the first time you saw a plus sized man in a movie? On TV? In your local theater show? What did he look like? Did he smile? Did he laugh so full his tummy shook?
I’m the guy who is so kind and so nice. Positivity infectious as it oozes out of me with every compliment I give you. Like how I tell you that your eyes light up my world.
A liquid asset currently in my safe. In bullet form it can kill a werewolf. He who has the desired personality type women want.   The color one’s hair turns with age/stress.
I love him so much! He makes me so happy!   His hair is black and is so soft. His eyes are a golden brown.    He loves to give me kisses and hugs whenever I see him.   
all these colors rushing up to greet me all these ups and downs adrenaline running all these beautiful voices surround me exceat for one thats in my head that's in my heart
Yeah, I fell in love once. Thought he was a nice guy. Turned out to be sorry, so I moved on to the next guy. He wasn’t half bad. Didn’t treat me like he should, so I had to give him up.
I am what you call a loner, a nerd, a person who isn't so.. into herself. He is.. different. He is so much more than different, at least to me.  
See i seen this guy,
Why create a poem if not for a loved one? Why sing a song for someone if not for someone special? Why not just make it something less meaningful since you dont like them? Well here is a wake up call.  
Whoa, that man have caught my eye My perceptions far on edge   I wonder why Who could he be?   An abuser came straight from hell To beat up on little ole me?  
I saw Mary today      I saw Rick today I haven't seen her since last summer
I'm a chromatic entity A colorful enigma; different hues of reasoning Vibrant as a rainbow, dim as a cloudy shadow Are you understanding me? A red rocket soaring free; just let me be
You may not know who I am But I know who you are. I see you most of the time. I play your words in my ear Over and over till I get sick of it.   You are always on my mind,
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