Who Is It?

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 16:51 -- kyl1993

You may not know who I am

But I know who you are.

I see you most of the time.

I play your words in my ear

Over and over till I get sick of it.


You are always on my mind,

I even dream about you.

I can relate to what you say.


Those sweet words in my head 

Makes me want to say your name

But I don't do that ,

Because your mine anyway.


When I met you for the first time .

You had a twinkle

In your eye.

Your smile made me have butterflies

For days,

I was so shy.

I couldn't stop thinking about you.

You made my day complete.

I love you for that

And you will always be in my heart

My dearly, sweet.


With a face so beautiful

It makes me weep .

Till I can't take it no more,

I then fall asleep.


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