loss of a loved one

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you left me high and dry i didnt get to say goodbye a loved one i could no longer love fly away, you're a dove   no longer here, my imagination filling your place
i stopped praying the day they buried you with the angel i sent to protect you  
How could you have known, when you called his name, that there was no one left to answer? Words left unspoken, discussions never to be had, no words left to say, what can I say?
I look at the doorway in which the only light in the apartment pierces the abyssal hallway. I look at the tattered shower curtain that lay on the white tile.
Someone once told me that there is nothing worse than watching a parent cry as They bury one of their children. I have seen that.
I didn't know  Until now That you  Were gone It took me Six months To find out And I was Speechless I had nothing To say I didn't cry But somehow
you woke up from a dream that felt too untrue because it was a feeling that was too  farnew for you you hopped out of your cherry red bed and out to do things you had to attend to
I am stranded on an island, all by myself, alone.  I see nothing in the distance, and hear nothing but my moans.  I am tired, I am scared, and I know of only one thing, oh how I wish I had my Papa
I still can't believe you are really gone. It has been five years, but it doesn't seem that long. Your face would always light up at the sight of me, As if you could see the future of what I would grow up to be.  
Short Life Life may end in just a moment, But in this short life that we may have,  What joys may come,
People always say to face your fears.That it will make you stronger.I was never really scared of anything. I lived a happy childhood. I had a loving family.
Sorrowful tune of a sad night as those we love on death's wings take flight. Leaving us alone; so sad, so cold. No one to care, no one to hold.
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