The Reason I Play


I still can't believe you are really gone.

It has been five years, but it doesn't seem that long.

Your face would always light up at the sight of me,

As if you could see the future of what I would grow up to be.


Music was always your second language.

Without hearing your voice, my heart feels damaged.

You could play your guitar and sing your heart out.

I never hesitated to sing along, without a doubt.


I miss your love and compassion with everything you did,

And how much joy you always spread.

You played for your church and showed your love for the Lord,

And everyone could hear by the melody of each chord.


In your honor, and to never forget you,

I picked up the guitar and started something new.

Just like you...I sing and play,

And now I don't feel as gray.


You are my inspiration to strum every note,

And I feel like music has become my anecdote.

It takes away my worries and fears,

Just like you did for all those years.


I play my guitar which makes me remember

The amazing and loving man that you truly were.

I think about you everyday

Because you are the reason why I play.

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