The Loss

you woke up from a dream that felt too untrue

because it was a feeling that was too  farnew for you

you hopped out of your cherry red bed

and out to do things you had to attend to


you walked to school with weight on your shoulders
the ones that on a bad day,

your best friend would smoulder

you thought of them almost every hour

and just how their loving smile gave you endless willpower


despite how much you thought you were strong

that morning, the walk suddenly felt so long

and even though you tried to shake it off

you felt your body was telling you something was wrong


and you arrived to school like every day again

the only place you could not complain

as your best friend made it tolerable

and only because they were so adorable.

but as you got closer to the door,

your gut started feeling extremely horrible.


when you arrived to the school cafeteria,

you saw that there was nobody in your usual morning area,

the exact same place where your best friend and crew would sit

and kicked out anyone who seemed unfit


you patiently waited for your best friend as the rest of the crew kept coming

and to see you, everyone was shocked

as you sat there in denial, nervously humming

they all sat and ate, but nobody talked

and you expected someone to mumble at least a word like they always would,

but today, nobody really could.


the pain at your stomach was now excruciating

but you sat there, just hesitating

to realize something that would be far too debilitating

because as it is, you were already nauseating


you left the table to see if the feeling in your gut was true

and ran out the door.

as you went out, you saw your worst enemy kneeling on the floor

it was your partner-in-crime’s ex-best friend with a face full of tears, crying so blue

and only after you saw them, it began to go through


and every happy moment you spent with them

went through your head again and again

as your best friend was a half of you

the only person you loved talking to

the only person you didn’t mind running into

the only person who ever saw your point of view

the only person whose friendship was more than enough to make do,

the only person who made you enjoy everything you went through,

and the only person who gave you a reason to live, too.


but now they were gone, and your dream was completely real

their passing left you with a wound that will never heal

turning your life into something with no type of appeal

tears pour down your face as you fail to conceal.


the loss of your best friend felt too untrue

because it was a feeling that was too far new for you

you hoped that you were with them, also dead

but like you, we’re all condemned to live a sad life

without the people we love instead

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