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With tainted lips he drew me in he plucked my hands he kissed it softly in a soft song he whispered to me The way I see you, my darling it makes the stars gleam brighter, but they only reminisce
Floating in the silver breeze. A sherbet sky glistened upon her wings A fairy lass so small and sweet floats without a cease Bending grass and trees Awakening flowers from the freeze
Tiny fairy, Flicker far. Your home of flowers, Your roof of stars.   Long forgotten, Miles away. You will find it,
Once upon a time in a muggy little pond Lived a family of feathers in a crappy little nest The nest was fine to hold the six, while still and round and small. But not too long those eggs will hatch,
Once upon a time the was a boy in a mahogany canoe. The boy and his mahogany canoe drifted down a stream that contained memories of an individual in the water's reflections. From what the boy could percieve he saw a young
Fairy tales are untrue  Every ending isn't pleasant  Of princesses, there are few None of whom were born as peasants  The good don't always win,  While the bad don't always lose, 
Up atop a wall that spans great distance Sat an egg-headed boy who lived a peaceful existence ... That is until he fell 10 feet Into the King's royal garden of beets 20 days and 20 nights pass
(Cinder)ella had pleaded A wish she had needed The young fairy was happy to provide Ella desired a prince Who would love her since
Beast in the Hydrangeas  
Once upon a time A young girl so benign Confronted by the curse Touched, pricked, and tumbled Fallen by the spindle.      Oh the unlucky one Rembered for her collapse
Windows to the otherwhere Where the folk are fey and fair Oh, you mortals all beware, Beware the fair-folk’s call   Beauties bright around you blaze
Oh my lovely litle child. Where hast thou been taken love? To a land more fair and wild, Hidden in a glen or grove   Will I see thee ne’er again
Stay away; do not go in.  Cold cruel eyes beckon you to Dance in darkness drenched in sin. Though they promise rewards within— Food and drink and love anew—
Everything is awesome.  Everything is awesome when you see it as awesome.   
Deep in the forest where the wolfs bane grows The midnight fairy comes out to dance. Her motions are so graceful and her beauty perennial.
She's standing there among the leaves, Quieter than the sounds of snow
A world of wonders,
I can romanticize anything   Books, jobs, boys Toys! This list is endless.   I am a clear romantic at heart I can spin a tale and have that tale Be invigorating, special, fun, exciting
  If I were to be a ghost, she said, I would fly and fly and fly and fly. To the the land of dreams, where the final flower still stands.
An Endless Descent, Tumbling slowly into the deep. Gentle waves above, With Silver beams shining down. Head over heels, Sinking into the warmth. Angel down floats by, Coating the floor.
The fairy folk use fairy doors to keep their hidden world from us. So few believe the ancient lore. To sneak across our dusty floor and steal some food without a fuss the fairy folk use fairy doors.
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