Just Another Wish

(Cinder)ella had pleaded

A wish she had needed

The young fairy was happy to provide

Ella desired a prince

Who would love her since

Her mother and father had died


The fairy went undercover

Hoping to discover

What would make the prince fall in love

Not for herself, of course

She was simply a source

A helper sent from up above


She posed as a healer

Hoping to feel her

Way to the prince’s heart

They met quite by chance

The prince wounded by lance

She healed him, and he did depart


The next day he returned

For his thanks, she had earned

His injury was healing quite well

He brought with him flowers

And the two talked for hours

The young fairy fell under his spell


Everyday the prince came

“I’m wounded”, he’d exclaim

Although the fairy knew he was lying

She made no complaint

At his pretend faint

Content to continue her spying


As the days passed by

She no longer had to try

Everything she needed to know she obtained

Yet leaving was painful

Her heart was acting disdainful

To her duty, the sad fairy was chained


It was just another wish

A simple flick and a swish

To transform Ella from duck to swan

While straightforward in theory

The fairy could not remain cheery

Her hope was hopelessly gone


Ella rushed to the ball

Head swimming with all

The information the fairy had given her

She’d be his dream girl

As pretty as a pearl

Excited, Ella couldn’t be happier


The fairy made up her mind

A simple dress she would find

And she’d attend the ball in disguise

To see her prince one last time

Was that really a crime

Before ascending back up to the skies


She stayed on the edge

Between people she’d wedge

To watch her prince dancing with Ella

Her heart thumped painfully

And she stumbled back gracelessly

Colliding with some random fella


A platter fell with a crash

Wine splattered with a splash

And all heads whipped in her direction

Her eyes widened with fear

And she tried to get clear

But too late, she could not flee detection


The prince grabbed her hand

And pulled her to stand

Easing her into a dance

She tried pulling away

But his hands did not sway

He leaned in, taking a chance


Their lips met with a kiss

And oh, it was bliss

When apart, she leaned to his ear

She told him of her magic

He did not find this tragic

His own mother was, in fact, a seer


The crowd watched the exchange

Found it a bit strange

But dismissed it with some quiet laughter

Perhaps in the epilogue

The fairy would get Ella a dog

And they'd all live happily ever after




Personally I love Power it gives the average entertainment Joe a voice that needs to be expressed to the masses.
You guys have been to good to me so far.
Just I hate opening up a can of worms that some people on this site seek to down rate or down play everything good up attempt to display.
Look I know there are critics out there but positive reinforcement strengthens one’s heart.
All this negativity & hate coming down is good for nothing.
Like Michael Jackson’s song, “I’m looking at the man in the mirror”.
We need to take a good deep look inside and realize no one is perfect.
Enough of my soap box rant on the issue of love just we need to keep it real & get back to the basics to really see the manifestation of love’s reality.
Stop all the hate all right enough said !

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