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They cover up who they are, You can't see that far,  With the powder and primer, It doesn't matter if they're a minor. They hide in videos gone viral,  Then get caught in a down sprial, 
The tree which sat upon the solid mountain had roots which kept it solidly grounded within the earth and rocks of the mountain.
The Neverland Fan     I never want to grow up! What’s the point anyway?When you can fly up in the sky, and play around all day. 
Who said autumn leaves fall to their death? I think they cover the ground with their beauty, Like colorful souls bestowing their love On the gray roads of rock below. Who said just because your heart is beating
Green and red and blue eyes wild, Darkness and light and spinning breezes, The laughter of a fairy child, And the words of the toy the child squeezes.   The fae dance and twirl among the trees,
Beautiful fluttering delightful browning Bestows its colorful tricks Their glorioua masquerade thrashing
Hark! Do you perceive  filled to the brim with joy attentive to the music of the fey? The way the trees whisper amongst each other, the way the wind whistles in harmony, the crickets titter in tune,
Somewhere in the land of Gray There was a girl, whose name was Kay Kay was smart, Kay was beautiful Most of all, Kay was truthful A dreamer in the best of ways In her head spent most her days
Eyelashes brush on rosy cheeks Slowly turning into yellow beaks A feather upon a dusty pillow Comes sweeping against a sprouting willow. Yellow leaves by a river’s edge Dance among the grassy ledge
The fairy folk use fairy doors to keep their hidden world from us. So few believe the ancient lore. To sneak across our dusty floor and steal some food without a fuss the fairy folk use fairy doors.
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