The tree which sat upon the solid mountain had roots which kept it solidly grounded within the earth and rocks of the mountain. Many birds looking for a place to roost on the trees branches found security there amongst the wind and other nature elements. The tree having grown from the seed which was carried there upon the fur of a unicorn found it's home to be a beautiful vantage. The tree took roots and grew to lofty heights. Having been planted by a mystical creature, the tree attracted fairies and other elementals who built a home above it's branches. Hidden from reality the fairies home amassed high up into the clouds. Eventually all the fairies came to know tree well. Each fairy creature took care of the tree with joy and love. One day, a new visitor came to the tree seeking shelter and a restful night. The young wizard had just faced a battle and barely escaped with his life. The wizard cast a spell which assimilated him into the tree. The fairies already there welcomed him with delight. Excitedly they took him above the clouds were he would be safe with them.

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