Our World

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The night its the dawn that rolls the morning sky and calls awake, both you and I  the pillow talk ,enough now said need now to step,walk from the bed so claim awake the daylight hour
Block this, block that Black this, black that I am sick and tired Of seeing the hatred
The boxes of society are suffocating Born black and a women Lables surround me So many standards of beauty value and success Suddenly Im not pretty enough Im not feminine enough Im not smart enough
How happy is the ignorance, widespread worldwide!Widespread worldwide.Does the widespread worldwide make you shiver?does it?
What inspires me is what I can see, all of the beauty that shines in front of me. The Earth and all of its wonder, the sun, the moon, the skies that crack with thunder. The same air that fills a newborn's lung,
The world is crumbling. Our views are being blinded. People have become less in the eyes of others. Everyday in the news you see politics, wars, laws... Hate.
Princess so fair come over here, Give me a kiss that will save you life. Prince so cute where are you? Give me a kiss that will save my life. We are beautiful , You are bubblegum pink,
Obviously you don't see the world hurting Broken down, burnt and burning Stuck to the gorund like dying trees, the people need to be free.   No one really cares, but go ahead and share.
Man, why does life got to be like this? Locking the car every time I cruise in the whip Quicker than Trayvon Martin got hit Swifter than Eric Garner got choked out in the streets by the pigs 
We wander about looking for truth. Refusing to see the truths right under our noses.   We aimlessly search for hidden truths wandering about like children
Our World, twisting and turning everyday, with a new surprise, waiting each and every way. My world, surrounded by uncertainty and surprise, not ever knowing, if I am anywhere near my demise.
If the entire world were molded into one being It would have its hand extending out into space Seeking the aid of another world Man has devastated the planet
I could say why I deserve this or that  But honestly it would be a bunch of crap  I could sit up straight and smile in a possible employer's face  Tell her/him why I should be hired 
I am an Insignificant Human who looks at the world. I wonder what will become of us in the years to follow. I hear the world crying; dying. I see what no one would want to remember. I want to change this world.
Ah...the Earth is soaked yet again by the blood of men,
I am . . . Reserved, Reflected, Becoming the Reserved Reflection of Light, Circular, Cunning, Lightning Cunning through Circular objects, Backwards, Bigger,
The morning sun rises peacefully  and the birds begin to play. The soft glow of pink and red turns 
Life,it's a funny concept really.
I am the daughter of a fatherless child. My skin is brown. Hair waved at the roots and I`ve seen more than a naked eye itself.
What is the world? At the core of the earth As it spins and it burns, As elements collide and destroy but it yearns, To create all that’s beautiful a gift humans earned but,   What is the world?
The world as we know it has gone. Has gone through the darkest of days. The world as we know it has gone. Has gone through both clarity and haze. The world as we know it will make it. Will make it past this foolish phase.
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