No Name

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 11:17 -- trandle

I am the daughter of a fatherless child. My skin is brown. Hair waved at the roots and I`ve seen more than a naked eye itself. I sit in a room full of people quite similar to me. We`re all hurt, misguided, and sinful. Our bodies lust for something the flesh can not satisfy. The vodka and moonshine can`t please the kidneys and the kush can`t keep the lungs from complaing. And although we are happy in this world we call "Cloud 9", we can NEVER stay for too long. The shadows wont allow. When we come back down to reality we realized nothing has been accomplished. Everyone claims they`ve been one of us but yet noone knows us. We don`t even know ourselves. Are we little shadows within ourselves? The shadows play with our lives, confuse us, and succeed at distroying some of us. And we do the same. When the shadows play we hurt and pray to God and after we pray things are much worst. The shadows try to control our minds. They want us to think that God isn`t listening, but he is. Right? I wonder what God thinks when he looks at the world in his hands. And I wonder if people knew we all served the same ONE God. I`m pretty sure if rain meant Jesus were crying there would be thundering and lighting everyday throughout the land. The land that we are all segregated in. Segregated in our minds, bodies, and soul and although we all have different skin tones and hair types our love still has color. And in some way I feel that my people are in bondage because we die from lack of knowledge but we just know so much. And I fear for my unborn seed that he or she will deal with people quite similar BUT different from me.


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