being in love

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To love is to share life together,to build special plans just for two,to work side by side,and then smile with pride,as one by one,dreams all come true.  
As summer dawns, our love is delicate like the sunflowers swaying gently in the breeze As winter arrives, our love is wholesome – it’s the fire crackling to keep us warm  
Dearest love,   I'm falling. but it's warmer down here safer, slower, more patient   I'm definitely falling. but my body is at ease my mind tranquil my spirit satisfied  
My eyes are swimming the bags under my eyes are filled with good thoughts. 
Sweet nothings float through my ears and my eye lids are made of lead. 
I sleep safely knowing I’m with you in my head.  
So many times I wanted to ask you, was this for real, were you serious. Did you really not feel anything, was this nothing more than an insignificant stepping stone to what you really wanted.
I don’t love you at all. And before you glare at me with those squinted eyes, Before you place your hands akimbo, Before you wiggle your neck at me and say, “Excuse me?!” Excuse me while I light my spliff.  
You had a certain scent,  like a lingering shot of whiskey. I drew you in deep like the tide pulling in it's last wave. You scared me, but I loved it. 
There are some things I just knowThoughts come fast and thoughts come slowEvery thought of you twists into meLove's everlasting agony
I met you not long ago
l am… I am someone. I am crazy. I am stubborn. I am needy. I am prideful. I am lonely. I am hungry. I am confident. I am independent. I am talented. I am smart.
Being in love is like Being on cloud nine is like Lemon drops and gum drops is like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is like Every kid’s dream come true is like Disney keeps on inspiring is like
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