There are some things I just know
Thoughts come fast and thoughts come slow
Every thought of you twists into me
Love's everlasting agony

Sometimes I think I feel too deeply
That this attachment makes me weak
I feel like I've been poisoned sweetly
Yet this torment I'm content to keep

I made a mistake!
I should have never let you in
But I took a chance on heartbreak
And now I know I'll never win

There are some things I just know
I can't deny a quickened pace
I can't shrug off a crushing blow
Can't smile past the bitter taste

I wish that I felt nothing
Because loving you is so exhausting
But every time I  push it down
It rises up like ground water

I'll drown in what I feel for you
There's little chance you feel the same
I'm cursing every bridge I've crossed for you
I want to scurry back the way I came

I'm saturated with the pain of this
It's seeping deep under my skin
To hope, to wish, to feel, to love
Too strong, too real, too sure, too much

I wish that I'd known better
And deep down, I think I did
But you're a storm that I'm too weak to weather
And I've forgotten how to swim

If I couldn't keep myself from falling
And I cannot climb back up
Then I'll wait for you to startle me
So for now, I guess I'm stuck

I sometimes wish that I could change this
But I know I'd choose the same
I knew that you were far too special to miss
Even before I gave what I felt a name

Even though you're hurting me
And I don't have a clue how you feel
All I can do is just wait and see
Until my fate is sealed

There are some things I just know
I love you. I love you far too much
So no matter how or where this goes...
Just knowing is enough

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