Women Appreciation

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The world IS my classroom, and I will watch the world learn.  
I am not here to take notes for you, I will not sit in the back seat, I will not grow my hair to wash your feet, I don't care much for your religion, I don't care much for your knights, What I do care for,
I send my prayers to Jerusalemto hide in cracked walls and under flagstonesalongside supplications for healing and kindness.                              ∞I plaster my poems on the walls of cities
The fact that I hold the door open for girls does NOT make me a lesbian.
Looking in the mirror I say I’m ugly,I say I’m fat, I say I’m disgusting.Who would want to be with you?(Shit not me)Or is the aspect of who I am in which differs on whoI want to be.
The pressure hammers hammers hammers down on my head.  Dreams of a different world drown me in bed.  Images flash like screenshots, like the flashes on the cameras
Ms. Rose I see those clown insects have you down and in doubt, just know it has to rain before the sun comes out.Ms. Rose you’re losing your powerful color…you were sprouted in a poor garden, but you don’t have to believe those other flowers.Ms.
Encircled by a group of guyfriends gathered like scholars circles back in medival times, news about a girl comes up. Instantly, it comes down to the unconscious question: "Is she pretty?"  
She is just a woman, But to me, is so much more. I want to hold and grasp her Because she makes my heart soar. She has such lovely curves And hair that curls around.
If you hear the word “radium,” do you think of Marie Curie, Of the thousands she saved by radiation therapy, Of a woman who died for the love – in the name – of science,
We are but black and white The letters that we write. The colors leeching from our pens destroy worlds and breathe sins.
We want to change the world.  We sang it together in crowded basements.  Declared it so loudly that the world may be forced to hear us.  But they didn't. 
I am a female A second-class citizen, because Everyone around me tells me so I am nice to look at But not so nice that You let me stay the night But nice enough  
I sit here watching the glorification of sex, the women who writhe and wriggle and smile all in the attempt to get you to buy. Would they still find her appealing if they knew what her father did?
How I cherish your very voice, And every breath you take, For I cherish your rare beauty, And every difference you make, Curious about your decisions, I still respect you for who you are,
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