Not Quite a Woman

I am a female

A second-class citizen, because

Everyone around me tells me so

I am nice to look at

But not so nice that

You let me stay the night

But nice enough


My eyes, my lips, my hair

My breasts, my hips, my legs

Say female

Even with my mouth closed

And my vocal chords frozen

My body says female

Screaming at the top

Of its high-pitched lungs


I stand stoically

Fascinating the eyes around me

Like a piece of art

Or a piece of meat

Like a female


But as my muscles relax

As my mouth opens

The eyes around me widen


Like the thread of a vintage wedding gown

Snagged, all at once

Tugging and unraveling

Unable to stop

Jaws drop and gasps escape

The dress, so pure and perfect

Now a pile of thread



And above that pile of thread

Stands neither a bride, nor a female

But a woman

A beautiful, naked woman

A woman, who has been disregarded, used, and disrespected

A woman, who grew stronger

A woman, who learned to hold her head up high

Because she's worth recognizing,

Worth appreciating, worth knowing

A woman, who takes pride in her confidence,

Who is brave enough to expose her heart,

And bold enough to speak her mind


A woman, with a strong spirit,

And a story to tell

About the days when she was just a female

But not quite a woman




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