Women of My Life


United States
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How I cherish your very voice,
And every breath you take,
For I cherish your rare beauty,
And every difference you make,
Curious about your decisions,
I still respect you for who you are,
Your more than a woman,
Your God's gift to man and that's a star,
From the struggling single mom,
To the mother of three,
Your all strong individuals,
And gorgeous angels to be,
Time can only tell,
When we as men show our true appreciation,
Not by roses or gifts,
But just by general conversation,
And these conversation don't have to be patient,
Speak your mind,
Cuz its amazin,
Lookin at all the joy,
I've embraced throughout my life,
I dedicate this poem,
To the women of my life.



Aw I love this!


Need more men to see that. The physical pleasures are amazing no lies to that but nothing comapres to having these women in your life and speaking to them lots of men don't see that. This is a beautiful piece keep writing 

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