So much more.


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I sit here watching the glorification of sex, the women who writhe and wriggle and smile all in the attempt to get you to buy.
Would they still find her appealing if they knew what her father did?
Would they still want her if they knew the loneliness that sits inside her?
Would they still want to hump and ruin her if they knew she had kids?
Sex, sex, sex, it's what sells.
Just give us a piece of your body and we'll give you everything you've ever dreamed of.
But at what cost?
These ads, these lyrics, these images all tell you that you're not pretty enough.
That there is no value in your life without a beautiful body and a beautiful face.
What are we teaching each other?
What are our children learning from us?
Why do we let ourselves sink to this level?
We could be so much more.


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