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Reality why oh why do you bother me I was just fine without you while I lay on the sand My life was good, scratch that grand It was just the sun, the sand, the waves and me
I was aware that life was tough I believed some people exaggerated the truth Here and then though, you face the truth   My first semester at college was troublesome
Y'all sleepin on me But I ain't a bed. Tried to love But now that's dead. Cuz all these years y'all fucked around And put shit all in my head. Like I'm ugly and unwanted
I've always wanted love But now I don't want to want it. I always craved touch  But dislike it when you touch me. I've always wanted loyalty And to be treated like I'm royalty
Every year, they say, “New year, new me, yay!” It’s not a joke, though, You are pretty different, you know.   Growing, changing, Maybe even rearranging… 365 days is a lot of time,
To the girl I once was: You are missing from the person I am now, like a  mermaid too far from sea. Why cant you come back? You are happy and see the beauty
I'm still happy, Even through the pain. What's a rainbow worth, Without a little rain?
why blame yourself for what you did not know have not felt have not seen did not predict coming why of course if you knew what was to come you would have ducked for cover but what life is that?
  Some things change  People leave, love,
A year ago I would drop pioson in every drink  I would lock myself in a tall tower I would  stab myself in the back I was shocked everytime it bled No one teaches you how to stop hurting yourself
New year, new me. My reflection is the same. My hair is brown and my eyes the same.   New year, new me. My name hasn't changed. I have the same cat and my house hasn't changed.  
Small and quiet This frail child, Always seeking validation from others Always wanting to know what she did was okay Did she look right? Did she walk right? Is her hair in place? Is she sitting up straight?
2016 was a year where my hands where tightly tied  together with ropes that smelled like your hands,  i hated that smell. your malignant actions took over my entire life
Last year, I wasn't me.  Well, I wasn't the real me, the true me.  I was the me who ate lunch in the library because I was afraid of talking to new people. 
I found inspiration from the bible verse Galatians 2:20.   All my life I followed the outside,
I've never been an optimistic person. To me, the glass was always half empty; The sky always gray,
   She is nothing but another body. She has no face. No smile or frown. Her eyes do not exist and her nose nothing that made her world renowned. In her mind, her image very bleak but her words worth wild to read but not to speak.
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