I was aware that life was tough

I believed some people exaggerated the truth

Here and then though, you face the truth


My first semester at college was troublesome

I felt myself slipping from what I thought was myself

Friends were busy, and it’s hard opening up to family

All I had was myself, my mind and thoughts, trapped in a room

It was easy to feel alone especially when those around me made me feel that way


Growing up, I was told and taught to be tough

But alone, I felt far from that

Why ?

Why do we have to be so tough?

Why do we have to build walls?

It is okay to feel, despite what others say


Coming home for the weekend

It was becoming harder and harder to remain quiet

Being told “you’re just a kid” was difficult to intake

So what if I’m “just a kid”?

I have my own mind and thoughts, feelings and ideas



Being told “you have to grow up”

The contradictions

Because I thought I was “just a kid”?

The contradictions or truth?


People will take advantage of you

That was the hardest pill to swallow

Thank you for showing me that truth

Tired of making excuses for your actions

No matter what I do , that won’t change you

Your intentions were set before we met


I am grateful for it all

Life is hard, but we don’t have to let it consume us

This is part of growing up

Putting in the right energy to handle what you’re going through

Thank you for the experiences

Thank you for the truth


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