The Year I Changed The Play

A year ago I would drop pioson in every drink

 I would lock myself in a tall tower

I would  stab myself in the back

I was shocked everytime it bled

No one teaches you how to stop hurting yourself

They tell you how to stop hurting others

A year ago I started to be the villain in my life

Every good thing I tore it down

I threw it out the wndow

I didnt speak

I didn't weep

 I felt myself become wicked

Green my skin became

A year ago I saw myself in my ugliest form

And i truly wanted to see the death of this antagonist

This year I stripped from the role I played

 I got a new cast

I got a new setting

The script has changed

But the director stills stays the same

The protagonist

She is in every scene

She laughs with the characters

They look at her with admiration

They give her flowers after each scene

They congragulate her for her great skills

She goes home every night and reminds herself

It is the actor that gives importance to the character

 I go home and tell myself that it is my actions that create myself

I take the poison out my drinks now

I destroy the tower and it lays in ashes

I take the knife from my back and clean it

 I bury the weapon with what else hurt me

And there lays the antagonist

The villain

The green monster

And she weeps that she doesnt have a role

And I crush her with my spirit

And the curtain closes

I couldn't do that a year ago .


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