Because I'm Black
Of course, fried chicken
Is a part of my essential nutrients

Knowing how to "twerk"
Is clearly
In my blood

Because I am Black
I may very well know how to speak
with some English clarity on the street
But the second I get home, the oh so natural Ebonics roll off my tongue
Like beads of sweat
Off the face
Of the southern slave

Because I am Black I must jump not one, but two ropes
Or else how would I be trained
To tackle the fences
That Re-re and them, be jumpin

Not just coincidence
It's somethin
something making people believe that one color means another
That my skin tone
Is an attitude

Talkin bout some culture!
What culture?
Not Kenyan.
Haitian, Algerian or Nigerian
Not Jamaican or Native Australian
What culture? brown culture.
brown culture?


Black culture.

Because I am Black I was branded at birth
Thanks to Shay-shay, De'quan and all of they cousins,
Who did not heed their grandmother's warnings on lack of education

She knew. But they did not listen.
And so I pay up.
Because I'm Black.



Speak! This is so true!

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