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You are the dream, the one I always wanted, When did you turn into the nightmare, while the days I counted. Those sleepless nights, I destroyed all for you, How to mend it back, I have no clue.  
I am
My Skin is black, but
I love music, and nature, and flowers, and suchI love helping some students with homework and stuff
No one knows the real me. On the outisde, I smile, I grin, and I greet everyone  Everyone that has seemed to put me down I hide behind a smile... I smile as if there was not a single problem in my life.
The days of my youth are so hard, but in a way kind.I can do anything I set my mind To. WIthout Knowing this, I would be blind.I will do whatever it takes to succeed.IT IS IN ME, I have everything I need. 
Meghan was a single mother of two She worked until her fingers were red and blue Her poor children would always whine and whine One day she decided that would be the last time they whined
I ball hard I swear. I mean to ball everywhere.From B-Ball to football, balling is why I care.
  I don’t know howto cope right nowI’ve got a blade in my palman urge in my bodytoo many feelings in my brainand so many things I didn’t say
Why do I write
And with four little letters; hinged off the corners, of your lips, you changed the world.   And out of nowhere;
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