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Am I cursed? Is that why bad things always happen to those around me, Am I cursed? Is that why none is there for me, Am I cursed? Is that why I'm caught is a terrible web of dispair, Am I cursed?
There once was a fish named Larry Unlike other fish, he was hairy. With just one wish This friendly fish Only wanted to be imaginary.
It has become so that tears and water droplets are too similar.
Once upon a dark night 
You are the Earth's most stunning mytery. Scientists have tried to figure you out. Under a shade you hide your history, Nobody seems to know what you're about.   I guess you think you're being humble,
My mind is blank, My thoughts won't grow. I'm a bit tired, But I thought you should know The way I feel when I'm with you. But how do I feel?  I have no clue.
They told me, Sometime during your inception That I was given a gift  
Bleeding because it paints the pictures so heavily spilled in my mind. And seeing the crimson upon my skin Gives me pain that makes me real.   Crying because It makes me view
A movie is playing Inside my mind The type I’ve come to expect Not bygone moments Captured in the essence of time No, These are the instants Which have not occurred Or may never at all
I wish I could see you
There is naught but a whisper A tendril of hair A piece of mind And a tail of dispair   Here be red splatters Dead matter Sleepless powers Overwhelming, it cowers  
Homicidal rage Boiling blood Red face Flooded sweatglands Clenched fists Grinding teeth 5 minutes later
People walking, People talking, No one notices me. I am shouting, I am screaming. Can anyone hear me? No one stops, No one stares, No one looks, No one cares.
i live where angels die, in a world frozen over, with no one to call you own, no friends and no lovers, this is where they lose their feathers, their halo's fallen to the barren ground,
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