animal abuse

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If I had a dime for every animal I currently own in my house, I’d be $1.10 richer. That's not a lot to most of us. Do you want to know what else isn't a lot?
I am an activist because women have no say, because kids think abuse is normal, because suicide is a game; a twisted version of a competition where killing yourself is a form of entertainment.
We all want a companion  Even if we deny it, the feeling of need is there Companions can come in any form, they don’t have to be human They can be two-legged, or four-legged, or have no legs at all They can live underwater, on land, or in the sky
thank you for glancing at me then looking away like you didn’t see me   thank you for kicking me
A bright eyed cat caught up in wires. Never sees the sun Tortured with pliers. Is anyone listening Does anyone care Is animal testing truly fair?   A tiny, white rabbit
Like blood matting fur, the hunger stems down the spine, sweetest torment. And echoes in fear, a flash, blind Contrast – the forest awash with red, swirling, the scent in the breeze, buzz
I'm shaking and quaking I don't know what to do. I hear the steps coming closer, which mean I'm closer to more abuse. They hit,they smack, they yell, they kick. Theybe until I can't hardly stand.
You are simply divine! Just look at how your hair, in the sun, shines! That makeup has not even a single stray line! I bet you're compatible with everyone's sign!
They give us their devotion and love, We respond with hate. They show us their loyalty, We cast them out on the street. They offer us constant companionship, We leave them alone to die.
I don't know what I did. Don't you know there are laws that forbid. You leave me bloody scars on my face and pull on my fur. How many more times will this occur?  
A jungle environment With fists clenched tight. Clinging onto fig branches Like a baby koala. Fingers sharp and tightened, Like ET,Calling phone to home.   Eye sockets widened,
I have only seen my father cry twice But the first time I saw him spill crocodile tears Into the Nile river of grief was four years ago.
They scream and cry
Chickens, and pigs, and cows! Oh my! Watch their life passes by In cages and pens without air to breathe Hardly real dirt for their feet beneath
I had a little bunny - and honey was her name 
notorious for advertising secret eyes hide behind corporate lies, trademark mind trust in me & faith you'll find   silky smooth, underhand politely rude fashion sense
Animal Cry   I mournfully stared under the pier My eyes brimmed with tears
The things that make me really tick Are also things that make me sick When people neglect any of  their pets
Change It comes in great voluptuous waves that knock back humanity Or in tiny rivulets that slowly cascade and bring a passive awareness.
Chained in shackles Nowhere to run Day and Night Empty, Hungry Dry, Thirsty Harsh tone Poisoned words Sometimes a shout Sometimes a fist
Animals homeless, Bleeding and unloved. Only showing bones and skin. No families, food or shelter, They live their lives alone.
Here's a story about a cup lost and lonely was the cup we found it sitting all alone Then someone said please pick it up And so they did and washed that cup They washed the cup and let it dry
Abuse of a pet Innocent as a child Never forgiven.
I'm tired of my heart hurting. tired of my eyes burning. nothing ever seems to go right so i stay up drenched all night in the tears you bought upon my face and the hurt brought to me from this place
Puppies are crying people denying blood is bursting love is dying why do you believe the lie but why not the truth If we had time would you help If we had time would you believe the truth not the lie
You look around As eyes just like yours do the same All wondering the same thing Nothing matters anymore Your problems seem minuscule As you're whisked away
I saw a honey bee On the ground, it Looked as if asleep; Dead but whole and Complete. To express my respect I watched the sun set next to it—two meters in be -tween. Then as the sun
Listen to Me for once in your life! You don't know what this pain really feels like. No one knows what I'm saying to you. All you hear is a bark or two. I lie neglected all day, every day.
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