Meet Your Meat

Chickens, and pigs, and cows! Oh my!

Watch their life passes by

In cages and pens without air to breathe

Hardly real dirt for their feet beneath


There’s a chicken named Lucy

She lives on the farm

Her feet are crippled

From cages that only bring upon harm

Her wings unable to open,

And if they could,

The metal that rubs feathers off

Serves her no good

Suppose it’s better than her chicks

For if she was born a boy

He would have been grinded to bits


Now we greet Penelope the pig

Here her brain lacks stimulation

Piglets are stomped, kicked, flung

And no painkillers for their castration

Ones too small are beat on the ground

Ripped from this cruel world

And tossed on the piglet mound

She’s destine to go mad

In the cramped up space

No one to love her

Not one friendly face


Our final friend is a cow named Girl

She should have lived to twenty-five

But here she has roughly two years

Before she has to say goodbye

Sure she actually has a field

But it’s not worth

Standing in mud and ice

How humans can taint the Earth

Forcing unnatural diets

Sawing off their horns

Branding their skin

All decency left forlorn


Now close your eyes

And ball up real tight

Stay like compressed

And riding yourself of all light

Image yourself on a farm

Being treated like these beings

Who think like you and me

And tell me what they’re feeling?

I’m not saying go vegan

But maybe research your meat

Because humane farms

Are not obsolete

This poem is about: 
Our world


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