Animal Cry

Animal Cry


I mournfully stared under the pier

My eyes brimmed with tears

A beautiful sea creature had been mutilated

and robbed of all its years


Someone had murdered this fish,

the beautiful great white shark,

They only took a single thing,

leaving its mouth empty and dark


The creature could have had so many purposes

even in death to be fulfilled

Food and nourishment for others,

But for its jaw it was killed


The killers ripped out its teeth

Severed flesh from bone

Left it dead to beat on the rocks

under the ocean’s heavy drone


Why kill so mercilessly?

He was a creature of God too

I don’t understand these people

and the thoughtless killing they do


Haven’t they ever felt guilty,

watching that animal die?

Maybe they would feel differently

If they could see the animal cry


What about the hunter

Only in it for a prize

He takes the head for a trophy

and laughs as the woodland grazer dies


He leaves the carcass in the forest

All he wanted was the game

The deer’s death could have supplied meals to many

Instead, it was just in vain


Perhaps the hunter doesn’t think about it

He doesn’t consider the deer had a son

And the little fawn hiding in the bushes

Who watched his father’s life end by a gun


Would that hunter rethink it?

Maybe even pass that buck by?

I only hope he would reconsider

If he could see the animal cry


This torture doesn’t always end in death

Maybe the animals wish it had

The scars left by those who don’t care

are completely and horribly sad


The police found a dog just a few days ago

struggling on the fourth of July

Her flesh was singed and missing

and it wasn’t hard to see why


Her owners had found it funny

to strap fireworks to her back

They lit them and laughed in merriment

as fire exploded through the stack


Her fur died off and skin took the heat

I don’t know how she kept going

Her betrayal and the scars of her flesh

kept the agony inside growing


I don’t even want to know the reason they did it

There is no answer to the why

I don’t even think it would have changed anything

Had they seen that animal cry


The world is getting darker

Humans are twisting in hate

Angry at their lot in life

So they seal an innocent’s fate


I bubble in anger at the thought

My own hatred seething through

Perhaps they wouldn’t hurt an animal

if they only knew what I knew


Because I have seen that horrid pain

as death takes the gleam from their eye

I have witnessed the consequences of your actions

And seen that poor animal cry…


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