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Fast and furious. Fast. Curious? Fast. Murderous. Fast,fast. Blurry-rious. Fast. Gas...gas. Mass. Over. Gas!!! DEATH PENALTY! By Frank Bustamante 
Time ServedAnother Time That I Don't DeserveTimes UpTime Spent Never Giving UpTime A TickingMore Time To Be Hoping And WishingTimes For A New StartLost Everything Including My Heart
My mind is messed up off of whateverI just can't keep it together I am going crazy and I can't find the wordsAre those stars? A place or some birds
I am not on fire but it feels as soThe burning sensation all over has to goThis evil that is inside is rotting my brain I am talking to myself and I am going insaneI cannot find an opening for a way out
Metal rings placed chains laced around my hands, legs, feet and waist. How many times will I let this happen? How many times can I let my family be disgraced?  
To care for their children, my big brother and me, My parents would willingly part a raging sea, The modern-day Byzantine icons, living, breathing saints, A slash to my youth, their troubled life taints.  
Three Convenience store employees thought what they did was funny but I think it was cruel.Those Three people said that I won a thirty million dollar lottery and then yelled "April Fool".
I'll cut you off. It'll be easy. Like a wart from flesh, though not as fresh, I relish the day that you confess,   As I step on stage, wearing the very same dress, I wore that day when you professed,
            If the lined pages                    Were a prison                  Then the words               Were the prisoners            Whose sentences
You were in and out of my life for as long as I can remember In a place, you might as well call home Three walls, behind bars, all alone You made friends whose names were pen and paper
How do you do it...   arrested again.Paroled for awhile   then back to the pen.We know you don't mean it.   We know that you care.But when will you show it?   When and where?As much as we love you   our hate runs that strong.Why can't you stay wit
The third sunday in June is nothing more than a Sunday. I can’t celebrate a relationship that’s fiction.   If there was an anti-father’s day,
You deserve to rot in hell like a Cracked, rotten forgotten egg in the middle Of a field on a scorching hotTexas summer day.My mother, my caretaker, the woman (figure out a transition) That has made mistakes, trustedYou with her freedomMr wright o
You deserve to rot in hell like a Cracked, rotten forgotten egg in the middle Of a field on a scorching hotTexas summer day.My mother, my caretaker, the woman (figure out a transition) That has made mistakes, trustedYou with her freedomMr wright o
Father as I prepare to walk this stage I wrote another poem for you  I must admit, I too have been instutionlized This cap and gown symbolize the assimilation process being complete
I cant even focus all i hear is people talk locust.They think i´m mean, but they don't know a thing that i mean.So let me laze you up, while you talking bout blazing up.
What happens when caps and gowns become funeral garments to the mourning? Eulogies being given by the Valedictorian To a student body adorned by honor’s sashes tear stained
I took a drag Burning off the greens n paper Inhaling one of natures gifts Then it happened 'Freedom is in your hands' Running like my legs were heavy Looking like my eyes were blind
To question who I am and what I've been through
My feet are starting to hurt. Why the hell did I do this?   God, I think my heart is going to explode.
Cold concrete brings ache to his body—unforgiving Drops pour through a window onto his tired back Yearning for freedom, he begs for the light of the moon, Trapped in this nightmare, the pain will not fade.
There was a gal named Gailwho said she never would failBut one day she was in jailAnd asked me for bailBut I said the check was in the mailAnd boy did she wail!
Seven o'clock I walk Into the doors of my high school, my black high school Where People do whatever it takes to be considered cool I walk into the bathroom choking from the smoke Uhg I hate this school I complain daily
She was 15 when she left for good. A one up for the death toll in the hood. Mother tried to warn her that he was no good. A fleeting moment became the end for her.  
Rape Beat Kill Four letter words that happen in Jail Packed in like sardines in a can While trying to fix what is wrong with society Trapped in cages like battered animals We boast about
they lied. you aren't locked up to save you from yourself. you're locked up because they keep beautiful things in cages.
Tell me, Tell me how whole we are An unbroken family unit, no longer bent on space between calls. Remind me how intimate our ties are Forged by your flights of anxiety and his fights with insanity.
          Is it that easy? You shoot up, the pants come down. You get your money’s worth. I’ll leave the gain. Rusty lemon types, sour and boney. Like larvae, comfortable and worry-free. Days tick tick, living under a spell.
Cold bars of steel Bread roll for a meal Excruciating silence Guilty for alleged violence   After a ferocious fight He is blind to the light And in the corner of his cell
Hey Mr. Principal, Hey Mr. Smith, I hope you sit comfortably – On your plush office plinth, With all your private accolades – That no one could care about, To the varsity trophies –
Go on now, let me be. My mama gonna' get you when she see. Leave me alone, please let me rest. Then he say she dont care Bess. Well, for the record thats my name and im as young of seven.
White as paper. Cold as ice.    Free to live.            to breathe.                 to watch.                        not wait. Black as night. Hot as lava.    Bars containing.
The sky is the limit they say, yet I havent seen it in days. Loose paper and pen, sorrounded by men. Trying to make it through these years, with fears. Never thought I would end up here, I learned to hear
The sleepless nights that lies within your future. I hope you praying to God to save your soul. What gave you the right to clock at at innocent young boy? Was it because he was black?
  What a beautiful color, red, she said And smashed it down with her hand Orange is pleasant as well, I can tell! And crushed it according to plan. Green, so keen, a fervent shade
The prisoners treated life as game Yet, surprised to be locked in rusty cells There's nobody except themselves to blame Harshly punished if anyone rebels
One quick fix Will fill the cell Yet who in this Will become well? A man is sick His brain is blind A lobotomy will clear his mind.
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