Questions for Dad

How do you do it...   arrested again.Paroled for awhile   then back to the pen.We know you don't mean it.   We know that you care.But when will you show it?   When and where?As much as we love you   our hate runs that strong.Why can't you stay with us?   What are we doing wrong?Are your friends to blame?   Did they help cause this bust?What should we feel?   Who do we trust?Who do we love?    Who should we hate?Why do you burden us    with all your stuff       on our plate?It's too much to handle,     we're too young to deal.With the heartache we have,     with the pain that we feel. Your our Daddy, our idol,     our mentor for sure.Our anger, our hope,     we need you here more.Your smile, our tears     your our happiness found.Our twinkle, our fears,     the reason we frown.You want us to love you     you want us to careBut Daddy, how can we...     when your never there!

This poem is about: 
My family


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