The sleepless nights that lies within your future.
I hope you praying to God to save your soul.
What gave you the right to clock at at innocent young boy?
Was it because he was black?
Was its that you'll thought you'll be rewarded because you we're at watchmen
But neighbor hood watch men
Why have a gun?
What was it because I just want to know.?

Young Trayvon Martin
Life was took
Why did you shoot him
What was the reason?

You'll think you get away?
No you will Serve and Pay.
For all the hurt you put family and friends through.

Sleepless night.
Dark cold nights
Which that day will haunt you forever.

its no coming out of what you have done

Pleaded not guilty but you will pay
You'll pay for what you have done
And that is that.

That smirk which lied across your face on that last court date
Could see all the guilt in your guilty face.

Smile on your face while someone child, friend baby life has been took
Family was smiling right with you

The guilt which lays within your dark cold hearted soul.

You knew you were wrong
You knew you were.
What did Trey do to you?
Which gave you the right to shoot at him.
Their isn't no reason
But you will pay.

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