I cant even focus all i hear is people talk locust.
They think i´m mean, but they don't know a thing that i mean.
So let me laze you up, while you talking bout blazing up.
I´m not a girl that´s just plain, riding in her own lil´ plane.
So let me just explain...
If you step up in my lane you´ll probably recognize my pain.
Knowing everywhere i go there´s some type of rain.
I´m quick to anger, but that don´t matter. 
All people care is that i show my manners.
My anger rise and i start telling myself all these wonderful lies.
Telling myself life gonna end up just like a butterflies life.
Growing up in the hood yea.. i can say it affects my mood.
Stressing all the time on ¨How i´ma bring home some food?¨
Yea it was a struggle, but i still got up to go hustle.
My future is pending, while life is slowly ending.
So where can i end it,
When they always tellin me i´m not gonna make it and just gone fake it
STOP mugging me i´ve had enough with people always judging me.
I´ma strive because only the strongest survive.
¨A life so long, being 17 yrs old, here i stand so strong¨

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