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He awakens to a day of hopeafter happy day of birthattended by smiling parents proudwho know his priceless worth.He awakens to a day of hopelying restless on his bumafter one move that surprises him
Thank you teacher ,for your kind gesture. You reached deep in my heart, and encourages me to start. You polished me ,and I found what I could be. You made me a way ,to give me a better day.
When my muse ingnitesVerse that excitesThen you have meDead to rights—I'm a poet!. .© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.  
True understanding is  a function of verse.  Jumbling up a puzzles painstakingly pieced together allows full aprreciation  for the picture within.  This is why I write. 
All these bitches delirious I said, “could you be serious?” They all be acting mysterious But In my bedroom, you don’t hear of this I said, “Get on the floor!” She said, “Give me some more!”
Brain constructs phrases and sentences Sends the information to the gaping hole It’s detailed and thorough Black hole receives it and ruins it effectively  
The low thumping beat in my brain, Is featured with depressing lyrics. I feel the need to cry, Yet I restrain.   That was my first song of 2016.  
I heard the reflection of an iceberg is you when you renew your vision Tell me how to get clarity with my wrong decisions I guess my heart is a toy, did i fail to mention
Hopeless, and I don't think that you noticed so i wrote this Cause I want you to know this before I disappear,whether I'm dead or gone,far from here Love my city although many mental wounds had to scar here
Honestly,can't think of a way outta poverty Palms sweating the fuck'll happen to my life, if I don't win the lottery Everybodies on my back,sometimes I wish they'd get off of me
1. Music is the one thing I can not live without 2. I feel like it takes me to a different place 3. I enjoy music as much as I enjoy sauerkraut 4. When I listen to music, different expressions strike my face
I got you but I even tripping on it, stopped the swper ro swiping go and call me dora the explorer firefox motorolla I lov you cause you go an take me over cloud 9
As easy as counting one, two, three I tend to learn with a breeze A fast learner who’s quite free From the struggle of trying to see
I scooch back pressing my body into the hard leather seat that’s just barely too upright to be comfortable.
As the cymbals crash at the final note, the audience applauds and lose their minds.   We stood upon the platform posing... Our bodies exhausted but still filled with adrenaline.  
Hamlet speech To be or not to be now that is my question/ Weather to act to or not react and then explain my confession/ Is it right I don't react, I feel I'm losing control/
I don't really know exactly what my verse will be, But all I know is that I am here, alive Right now But somehow I do know that I am meant to be, do, Something great. And for now
Theology twisted, robbing the poor Sick religions have the saints misunderstood U.S. economy in it for self Rich stiff necked scholars still seeking knowledge But graduated from a top Ivy League college
You said you wished the stars were red,so I pulled them down one by oneand painted them by hand,for you.
Every poets’ voice is distinct. an indicative drawl or rasp, a characteristic blend of dialect, a certain brand of sarcastic humour;
Saluzcion's Never been the type to write my name on a ballot and cast a vote Placing my goals and aspirations on the next man's hope; nope Wasting time slow; going through procrastination,
I rather be thought a fool then open my mouth and remove all doubt; speaking on things I know nothing about or live through But the sad truth is so vague Like body ash in a cigarette ash tray, pause,
As I sit back and reclined Enjoying a cubano and glass of wine I cant help but think of the modern times; where ladies are hard to find, and all I see is dames and dymes
I'm either gonna rise above poverty or define my existence A poetic vision, encrypted with a hustler's ambition, listen dying for what a icon stands for ain't the mission
Isolation and depression Go hand-in-hand When you’re too far away from where you should stand.
I was concieved as nothing less than a miracleFrom 3-7 was too damn hysterical8-12 i was growing up, afriad to be minimalSo by 13 I became an infamous criminalFrom 14-16, i paid my does, so i thought; super imbecil 
A few years ago, I had to make a decision Remain in the hood and risk going to prison Continue to allow the evil to cloud my vision Or pick up a pen and become a musician Ever lyric, every bar, became my ammunition
It's not that I wanna screw it up, I just so happen to be good at itIt's not as if I don't wanna quit, but unfortunately for me I'm like my father another addict.
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