Mon, 01/09/2017 - 08:58 -- TrinS

Brain constructs phrases and sentences

Sends the information to the gaping hole

It’s detailed and thorough

Black hole receives it and ruins it effectively


Brain is outraged

Spending so much time composing the right diction and the right way to present it

It was flawless

To just be disrespected and vexed by their colleague


Brain tries again

This time with increasing aggression

Sending voltage signals to the nitwit

Cave gasps and cries


Brain is indifferent to the sobs

Delivering another group of a million wyatt signals

Pit howls in agony

But no words are exiting the darkness


Brain begins to sympathize but quickly returns to the plan

Torture was inflicted onto the hole

Void finally spoke

In jumbled expressions and dialogue


“What? Are you okay?”

Brain is frozen

Everything is frozen

“Are you okay? Is this another anxiety attack?”


Void takes charge

Void has to change this

Void hesitantly flicked a lonesome switch

Void turns a skeptical knob


“No! I-I’m fine…”


This poem is about: 
Our world


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