Desirable Light

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 08:55 -- TrinS

The low thumping beat in my brain,

Is featured with depressing lyrics.

I feel the need to cry,

Yet I restrain.


That was my first song of 2016.


End of ninth grade I sit timidly in the corner,

Charging my phone in the outlet conveniently next to me.

But to be vexed by the obnoxious weasel that’s on my other side,

I’m angry.


It’s the honors assembly and I stand shyly to get my award,

I’m on Principals.

I should feel proud, ecstatic,

I’m sad.


People stand taller and shove their dominance down my throat,

As if they’re my mother bird shoving her digested worms into my fetus throat.

It hurts, my mom raises her thumb in acknowledgement,

I’m embarrassed.


I can be more,

I can do more.

Yet I still sit and only listen,



It’s the summer and I start to ponder,

“What am I doing?”

Even in the summer I sit and listen to my television as it displays bright colors and comical catchphrases,

I should be doing something!


I jolt up from my bed and storm down the stairs

What should I do?

I bolt into the office,

This is the day my life took a turn.


This year started off depressing,

I was not going to stop in this lonely shaded alley.

I was going to push my way out to find a solution,

To find a light.


It’s the end of the year and I laugh and play with my family,

I text old and new friends with Happy New Years Eve wishes.

Sending cute emoticons and loving words to my significant,

I think about to accomplishments I’ve conquered in 2016.


Yes it has been a rough year for many reasons,

Though I have so much reasons on how my life has improved.

The alley may have grew longer and it may have been stressful and grueling,

But that glistening light greeting me at the final frontier.


Made the struggles worth it.

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