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I kickstarted your heart, Benz. Pushed your fetal blood in the right direction, connected your neurons. The foam in your infant lungs,  I turned that into oxygen.
Our goodbye A sad view We never knew Three years of blue You held my heart too close to yours What's left of me? Can I love?
Our blood is red,Straight ahead it runs,In tons,To the heart that beats
Sitting outisde watching the leaves change colors I contemplate and think about my righteous Savior How He has always been present ready to guide me
During the night I lie awake and pray; The moment is something I won’t forget, Will the pain today ever go away?   The process leaves me in complete dismay,
can't we scatter our love like seeds in the spring  and watch them grow and hear the birds singing  and as the passer-by smells  newborn fruit  it will give them a reason to follow suit.   can't the love we accept be the love we give?  the hungry
A REDEFINED TREASURE I was named after an ocean grace But I have been drowning in my own outrage.   I am being eaten alive by life as my thoughts squirm down my neck.
He stole my heart But they stole him Off to war, he fought And our future looked dim Before he left he pulled me in He whispered “I love you” And my pain begin I could barely mumble, “I love you too”
I'm lucky to be alive but I know god has plans for me, no matter how mad sad or happy I can be, I took a dive for the worst and if it wasn't for a y'all's prayer, where would I be no one knows where, I am very grateful, and since my overdose I am
Woman:                                                                         Man: I am a girl                                                                   I am a boy
I write you this letter as I lay belly-down on the now very faded hammock in our backyard. The same hammock you and I would lay on for hours telling stories and sharing secrets.
God, I don't know if you can see me From all the way up there Through all these floors Or if you even care But could you remind me that you exist? Cause when I'm alone, it's easy to forget
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