The Blessing- 2 Part Poem


Woman:                                                                         Man:

I am a girl                                                                   I am a boy

I am his wife                                                            I am her husband

I love him                              (unison)                           I love her 

I made a commitment to him                                I made a commitment to her

I promised him a child                                                 I wanted a boy

I had to give him a child                                         She couldn't bear children

Had I been sick ?                                                         Was it me?

Then I realized...                                                      Then I realized...

 I had a past                        (unison)                           I had a past

He did not know about it                                       She knew not of this

It was my duty to speak up                                   I had to say something

I loved this man                                                     I loved this woman

So I spoke up                   (unison)                             So I spoke up

I wept in agony                                                       I tried to hold back

What had I done wrong?                                        I know I messed up

I just wanted a child                                                I just wanted a son

I had no disase                                        I was lucky to not have ecaught anything

So what was the problem?                                         I was the problem

Was my life cursed?                                                She blamed herself

I hated myself                   (unison)                            I hated myself

I failed at my one job                                           I just wanted to love her

Please Lord forgive me                                       She continued to cry out

I want a child                                                              I want my son

We started to pray            (unison)                        We started to pray

For nine months                                                         For ten months

For a year                                                                  For two years

Then it happened                                                         It happened

I was pregnant                                                           She was pregnant

With his child                                                              With my child

I kissed him                     (unison)                                 I kissed her

I was happy                                                                I was overjoyed

I loved this man                                                         I loved this woman

I loved my child                                                         I loved our child

The child of my love         (unison)                            The child of my love

Nine months passed                                                Nine months passed

I was rushed to the hospital                                        I was speeding

Get this baby out !                                                    She was screaming !

This hurts                                                                    She was hurt

I pushed                                                                      She pushed

I pushed                                                                      She pushed

We held each other's hand      (unison)                 We held each other's hand

I heard crying                                                                I heard crying

A tear left my eye                       (unison)                     A tear left my eye

This moment                                                                  Our moment

My baby                                                                         Our baby

My love and my life                                                         All of me.







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