Love of Tears

He stole my heart
But they stole him
Off to war, he fought
And our future looked dim
Before he left he pulled me in
He whispered “I love you”
And my pain begin
I could barely mumble, “I love you too”
I watched him walk away
With his brothers
Off to go save the day
And then I saw all the crying others
My heart was shattered
And so were theirs
Shirts were all tear-splattered
Whispers were all prayers
I didn’t pray for me
I prayed for those who needed it more
I prayed for the men going oversea
I prayed for strength to face the horror
Constant worrying and endless nights
I’ve never felt so alone
I fell in love with one of the world’s knights
Who is trapped in war zone
Skype calls are rough
It’s a sweet hello but a painful good bye
They make the waiting tough
And make us both cry
Months go by and soon he’ll return
But one knock on the door
And my whole world took a dramatic turn
The news I got made me collapse on the floor
He’ll forever have my heart
But angels have his soul
And now we’re forever apart
I’ll never ever be whole
My worst fears became reality
The love of my life was gone
And so was a part of me
I didn’t know how I would go on
Nearly a whole year passed
I could barely keep it together
We had a love that would last
Although we wouldn’t see each other
He was my one and only
Now he was lost
And I was lonely
We wanted to make it work at all cost
But it cost me everything
Being in love with a military man
I knew the pain it would bring
It was a lot in a short time span
But it was worth it all
The love seemed all wrong
But he was the man who made me fall
In a love that was incredibly strong

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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