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The screams  They echo in my brain Day in and day out The screams  Of the children  The screams of the mothers  The fathers 
A percentage of me has to hell been consignedby the ever raging zionists' war machine.To each livid soldier, a mandate is assignedto uproot terror where multitudes are confined.
The Paragliders like ravenous vultures flewto southern Israel to predate on soft targets.Like swarms of bees, they snuck, raped, maimed, shot, burnt and slew.Terror did every man's fragile conscience becloud.
"Dedication to all survivals and My beloved Holy Al Aqsa " I heard the agony and i narrate_ But our souls are still not awake, I know you will never forgive and blame; But our leaders are the name of shame.
My name is Ahab: king of all of Judea, king of all I can be, king of all there is but me.   There’s girls from forgien lands
I look at the shiney golden ticket in my miniscule hands. The fog from the train clouds my eyes as I experience nostalgia from watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a kid.
Poor people struggle in bondage. Behind a wall Where they can do no damage, She holds her doll. Both animals in a cage  In their eyes a fiery rage. All turn a blind eye; cannot hear them weep. 
Hundala turned his back,- A Middle Eastern Banksy Who stood for peace And got the grave.   If only we could have seen his face.  
Your smile began to fade and fear filled your eyes,
I felt my eyes shut tight and my hands begin to rise, towards my ears, trying to block out the ghastly cries and heinous shrieks of those who had nothing more to hold on to, nothing more to try and survive for,
      To See and Not be Able to Do Every time I encounter the News, Yes the News
Will it ever end, Seeing the death of my Palestinian friends, Will it ever end, Seeing the terrorists bomb and kill with no repercussions, No consequences, just governmental corruption,
Listen now, youngest of us. On the edge of ruin, I am wiser And perhaps, you shall be as well.   A crimson silk carpet runs beneath The house, unmoving and unwavering.
Occupiers hold on with iron grips Thoughtless deeds, humanity is on freeze Women, children cry out of soundless lips
How can y'all be stuffing your faces knowing that the children of Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Africa, Bangladesh, Syria, Lebanon, and etc.. are starving?
In the world you live, there are villains, There are villains who call themselves heroes, they're given your rejection, attempting to eclipse the shining truth with deception,
Free Palestine! by Ima Ríos   Metalic rain               erase the smell of life. Alien fire             Bombs                          Bullets               Death.  
1. Home. That is where the heart is. So I hear.   The footprints of my people Long lost on the winds of time.
Bang! Bang! Like the shot heard around the world Another life lost on the curb. Once more, an innocent life unfurled.
While the world stays debating whose right or wrong The people fight back their tears just trying to stay strong Knowing that they may be dead not before long And the old lady watches and sings their sad sad song
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