How Find a Hero


In the world you live,

there are villains,

There are villains who call themselves heroes,

they're given your rejection,

attempting to eclipse the shining truth with deception,

There are villains who assume they are your heroes,

No lines they hesitate to cross,

lost in the chaos,

would you follow a guide with no moral compass,

Then there is them,

for a hero they waited,

they prayed,

they begged,

they seeked but never saw,

With no options left,

they chose a villain to deem a hero and worship,

out of fear, out of blind love, out of clear hate,

out of faith in fate,

when a hope of a hero doesn't seen near,

if only they'd see what's in the mirror

then there is you,

you've opened you're heart and mind,

only to discovered and find,

a sacred truth,

that the hero you seek is you,

the hero they all search for is them,

with strength, passion, ambition,

Though civil unrest, protest, petition,

standing together, never falling apart,

uncovering the love in revolution,

why not make peace the next step in evolution,

the villains will be outraged,

if this you all engaged,

how unfortunate for them,

the people found they can be heroes on a whim,

fighting for each other when times seem grim,

with contagiousness of courage,

now they can finally see,

the heroes they were always meant to be.







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