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The city was filled with fog and murk All I could see was white  All I could feel was a sharp winter breeze  But my palms perspired and my fingers trembled and my heart raced And I paced
Little bird in the cage, why are you sad? Your cage is safe, your cage is sturdy. There isn't anything to worry.   Little bird in the cage, what are you doing? There's no need to fuss, stay inside
SOMETIMES I SHRINK Back from it all. There are a million bows to tie. Why should I be studious? Maybe if I were a kid again I wouldn’t be spoiled rotten. I never claimed to understand potential.
My mama told me that I belong in the world. Now I never took her word for it, For I never met a man who belonged. Not really. Not truly.   We are all struggling to get somewhere.
I try so hard but I just can't sleep My soul won't rest so instead I just weep I feel like I'm being crushed, like gravity is too strong The only thing I dont feel is that I belong
Growing and growing I was taught to sit still and stay quiet. So I sat still and stayed quiet. Then there was a point when telling a secret would hurt someone in the family. So I sat still and stayed quiet.
Ive always hidden from his eyes
I wanna belong here I just want to fit in I wanna be All the things That I’m supposed to be But I just can’t seem to figure out   Don’t let me disappear Walk a day in my skin
Lure them in with your evanescent gleam. Bind them into your eternal paradise. Throw their hypnotic nothings to the wind. Craft velvet wings from jewels.  Your primrose shimmer must never dull.
I'm that weird girl that sits in the back The quieter you are the less attention you attract Though I'm not the only one who would rather it dark At times I find those with that same unique heart  
So I walk aimlesslyWithout aim   Where did I come from?Well, that’s a trivial matter  
As the winter slowly approaches The leaves keep falling and winds steadily blow  a new change  not of a cold and frozen time  but a time of warmth  a season of dreams  discovering fantasies 
Where have you been?Where have you gone?I sing sad melodiesof how i was wrongand i can't even dreamwithout you in my armsso its best to believewe just dont belong
If the world is listening, Let them hear this; My life is not perfect, My life is not bliss. I'm happy almost never. The sadness always stays. I'm always the one who's wrong. I'm always the one who's to blame.
To the lakes, Oceans, Waterfalls, Oceans you fill with purity The fish and sea creatures swim You give us all you can give To the waves that move on your surface Down riverbanks you flow
I want to feel the ocean breeze, I want to feel the light of the moon As we lie together on the sand, I want to hear nature's melodious tune.
Above the river's bank rising slowly in the sky, casting a reflection upon the water. Saving the world from total darkness the moon finds its place among the stars
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