No Where
United States

Growing and growing I was taught to sit still and stay quiet.

So I sat still and stayed quiet.

Then there was a point when telling a secret would hurt someone in the family.

So I sat still and stayed quiet.

Followed by the pain that they told me to keep inside.

So I sat still and stayed quiet.

Time passed by and they told me to speak up because nothing would happen.

So I broke my peace of sitting still and staying quiet.

Though the words nothing would happen rang as a lie.

I became homeless, lonely, and disgusted with myself.

I should have stayed still and sat quietly.

So I think every day.

Only to find out I probably helped others that just sat still and stayed quiet and were scared.

I saved five people.

I was thanked.

Though I wish I wasn't.

There are five people thankful for what I had done, but there were ten angry people still.

It's hard and scary but I sit still when it is okay now and stay quiet when no one is harmed.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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