The city

The city was filled with fog and murk

All I could see was white 

All I could feel was a sharp winter breeze 

But my palms perspired and my fingers trembled and my heart raced

And I paced

I look around to see that I'm lost 

In the city, to once I belonged

I looked up in the sky and saw all white  

But I wanted to look beyond that 

So I walked in the streets of the city 

Not knowing where will I stop next to breathe?

But I walked and walked on

the long highways and crossed mountains

I walked through the woods 

To find out that I'm still stuck in the dark hedges

I'm going round and round in circles

But the city is still filled with fog and murk  

And still, I'm not able to find myself 

But something was revealed to me 

Like the first ray of sunshine in the morning

That the city was never my home


This poem is about: 
My family


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