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“Silence” he commanded As he slapped my frozen face I need a meal for my stomach I have not eaten in days Or perhaps it has been longer
Why am I the easy one when you too, were in the act? Why does my vagina limit me, to every single terrible thing just associated with sex? Why can’t a girl want sex, and not be a hoe? But he can want sex and get cheers?
Sleep around player. Don’t be a pussy. Grab her by the pussy.   My legs are shut, Crossed, And locked with my chastity belt.
Go ahead and talk you shit see if I will care all dem bitches spreadin shit that isn't even real bitch, whore, fake as fuck! you say I'm the slut?? "I sleep around" and "I'm fucking guys"
I’m laughing, smiling, Dancing like I own the world at age seven. Stars handpicked like strawberries for only my eyes to eat Nothing could tear me down.  
As words crawl up and out of my throat My fingers desperate to find the right note Heart as heavy as lead but fragile as glass Watching the ceiling fan, waiting for it to pass The nausea the fatigue
There is a new girl in the group So all the girls snoop They find out her secrets & find out she's not so decent Her last people kicked her out Because she likes to "sprout"
I remember in days of yore,
Words so deep and enticing I can make a 30 year crack addict quit pipin' Metaphors so colorful and bold that I can make a blind man see and spell every color in the rainbow
The culture believes if sh
  Family. Such a  frail fragile thing It is a living ecosystem of aunts and uncles Mothers and Sons, daughters and their fathers. What becomes of this intricate unit when it is disturbed?
You make me doubt myself Hate myself Make me not want to believe in myself Give me the chills Then knock me out I was a fighter Now you’ve got me pinned down Between the thoughts and the clocks
Life is a pair of black corsets, fishnet stockings and cheap lipstick, suffering from the intoxicating riches of each breath. and in the midst of it all is a shadowed wrong turn, in which my legs keep gliding through air.
  Teachers don’t work hard nowadays Rather than focus on education They focus on my grades I may have passed your damn class
or ran the me website found are that their pavement consciously drew ravenously myself   notepad with syringe will very its even are me whore hung gold-tipped which if jeans preserved the are bought to saw
I want what I be not So busy trying to fill the gap in which Was left It be not his fault My spirit be mine and not his at all I long for pleasure and happiness in who has what I have not
I just need to feel wanted, that's all I'd ever ask I'm that teenage whore that you adore, the one behind the mask You don't even have to ask me please Because I'm already on my knees
Foolish young man Head over heels in love But the maiden you adore isn’t an innocent pure dove She bats her eyes She giggles and flirts She’ll soften you up, and stabs your hurts when it most hurts
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