Using Every Sense but Common


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Foolish young man
Head over heels in love
But the maiden you adore isn’t an innocent pure dove

She bats her eyes
She giggles and flirts
She’ll soften you up, and stabs your hurts when it most hurts

She’s a gold digger
She wants the materials; your money
She’ll taint you with her lips of poisonous honey

She’ll discard you when she’s bored
But for now, you’re her newest toy
She manipulates you; so coy

Leave while you can
Don’t fall for the trap
Or your soul she’ll soon sap

Your feelings are real; hers are fake

One fine day
My words proved true
She was being loved by another, right in front of you

The dirty smirk on her face
As she saw the disbelief in your eyes
You fled in a hurry to keep tears in a disguise

She isn’t even human; a soulless succubus
That double-crossing witch will burn in hell
She had you mesmerized like the ringing of a bell

I tried to tell you; I was beyond worried
Now you lay with heart broken
Caught up in the memories of the soft sweet lies she had spoken

Your life as you know it is no more
Nothing you say or smash could take the pain away
So you sit alone in the dark to waste each passing day

Forgetting your purpose
Asking how? And why?
Begging for the day you are to die

I want to help.
But what can I do?
There are people who truly care about you- get a clue!



I love the image you created of the foolish man and the devilish flirt. I was very captivated by your scenery words

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