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Sleep but not deep Mind awake but not complete Control of muscles Not in my control Haunted and horrified I feel paralysed Try my best to open my eyes Scream for help and move my hand
Me: "O My Lord I know this life is a Journey And the paths here are Slippery Although I try to walk very Cautiously But the charms of world attract Me My heart desire all that is Fancy
Inside a huge hollow tree I must go and sleep Sleep very deep Just like a hibernating bear, Without any fear! #MywordsOnMycanvas Saima Qureshi ©️
I: I've admiration for you, as such! You: How much? I: A lot and beside. You: Why'd? I: Should I reveal? You: Yes please, don't conceal! I: Ok, then lend me your ear,
(For my autistic, non-verbak son Hassan)
When dark spell of night tames the day Convoy of moon along with stars, gallop their way From the day's toil, I simmer down Crawl into to the bed and sleep sound My mind dives into the sea of dreams, very deep
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